Favorite Trip Abroad
Study Abroad in Japan

In 2018, I went to Japan through my school, UC Davis, to study abroad in Kyoto! The program was 3 weeks long and I stayed an extra week in Tokyo by myself. There was much freedom in the program as we only had 3 days of school for an hour. We did have scheduled group tours to popular tourist destinations like Nara Deer Park and having a traditional Japanese dinner. Outside of that we were free to do what we wanted! 

I was unintendedly solo traveling before the trip even started because I missed the flight everyone was on together. I thought my trip was over and I was devastated but I was able to get another flight. That means that I had to navigate the training all on my own, knowing zero Japanese. It was a mess but I was able to get to the university we were staying and studying at. I ended up meeting other students from the same class as I made literally the last bus going that way! Due to that, I wasn't scared to travel by myself so I did most of my traveling solo. Most of the other students had been to Japan before and I didn't want to be influenced. I would literally get on the train, stop, and walk where ever I felt my spirit pulling me.

It's what really revealed to me my love for traveling and how much I need to make it a part of my life, forever!!

1st Travel Experience As A Travel Advisor
Seminar At Sea With Caribbean Princess

As a travel advisor, I get offered free or reduced prices throughout the year on various trips! This was my 1st opportunity I had to come onboard the Caribbean Princess for training and 1st hand experiences. This was my 1st cruise and my 1st time visiting the Caribbean islands. At Princess Cay I paddled a clear bottom kayak on tour with a local guide, highly recommend was super fun and informational. I got to hold a turtle!! At Grand Turk I went on another tour through the island on a bus sight seeing local landmarks. As apart of the tour we also got to create paintings with a guide! The best part was meeting other travel advisors, networking, and getting to create new memories together!! After the cruise, I was able to venture around Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood before returning home.

I highly recommend getting a pre and post hotel stay when cruising. Allows you to ensure you arrive to your port as stress free as possible. A post cruise stay will allow you to take a vacation from vacationing. Think of it like a cushion between reality and fantasy. An excursion that allows you to get off the port beaches to get a full immersive feeling of the island is also highly recommended!

This trip defiantly re-sparked my love for the business and remotivated me to work harder to give others this amazing feeling I get every time I travel.

...And Continuing

I'm dedicated to helping you plan your dream vacation. I stay up-to-date on the latest insider info and trends so I can recommend the best destinations and products for you. With my passion for travel and commitment to crafting memorable experiences, you're in good hands. Let's work together to make your next trip unforgettable!

Client Reviews

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Date: 9/27/23 11:46 AM

Title: Best 29th Birthday!

Reviewer Location: Antioch, CA

I enjoyed working with Damita! I appreciated the attention to detail and hours of research she did for me to make my trip as fun, affordable, and smooth a possible! I highly recommend!


Date: 5/11/23 12:42 PM

Title: Fun birthday trip in Cancun!

Reviewer Location: Los Angeles, Ca 

My experience with Damita’s travels was amazing. From the very first day of working together, Damita was ready to work and get me my dream vacation. Damita was incredibly diligent and attentive to the details I provided. She even checked in while I was there to ensure everything was going according to plan. Damita’s Travels has a customer for life in me!!!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Date: 5/9/23 4:25 PM

Title: Very fun trip, will be making another trip

Reviewer Location: Pittsburg, Ca

My experience has been the best, she really helped me with everything I needed and more she also went above and beyond to make sure my trip was safe as possible.